Our Mission

The mission of Born 2 Perform is to foster an environment that speaks to quality and clarity in both academic standards and performance with a focus to enable the next generation of artists to speak with distinction about themselves through the cultural language of dance. To that end, we are committed to providing our students with informative, fun, and physically stimulating instruction while boosting self-confidence within a safe atmosphere where students learn, broaden, and expand their understanding and technical skills.

Our Vision

Dance is an internal conversation, outwardly communicated.

Born 2 Perform is positioned to be the Premier Dance Destination for students seeking to reach the next level in their dance training. We utilize every avenue to connect with current national and international industry dance professionals. We maintain this connection while highlighting the extensive backgrounds of guest teachers, adjunct instructors, and faculty instructors developing mentorships throughout the arts community for students aspiring to become professional dance artists. Promoting quality instruction from trained professionals with extensive performance backgrounds is essential to continuing our mission of training the next generation of dance arts professionals.

The Dance Collective

Classes within this course offering are available to all individuals who have an interest in expanding their current dance abilities and improving their physical bodies and may not have an immediate interest in committing to a more strenuous program.

JEWELS Dance Team

Classes within this course offering are for the exclusive training of students who have been selected as members of the JEWELS Dance Team: Emeralds (Level 1), Sapphires (Level 2), Rubies (Level 3). The JEWELS Dance Team performs at local community events and actively participates in local, regional, and national competitions/conventions.


Certain classes within this course offering are for the exclusive training of dance artists who are active members of the company dance ensemble with admission privileges for select dancers who have been identified as prospective members of the dance company and/or guest artists. The company ensemble will travel regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Teachers

Brent Smith

Brent Smith

Faculty Teacher

Brent L Smith experienced dancer/choreographer and Creative Director of Groundwork Choreographers Showcase (Atlanta/Houston) has a background in Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop , Contemporary dance as well as a acting, visual arts and instrumental background.

Jacqueline Banks

Jacqueline Banks


As the founder of Born 2 Perform, she is committed to fostering an environment that speaks to the quality and clarity of academic standards and performance with focus.

Taylor August

Taylor August

Dance Instructor

She was a member of the World Famous Texas State Strutters, a guest performer for Orchesis Dance Company Showcase, and also performed in several Choreographer’s Showcases. Taylor has also performed with Ballet Afrique Dance Company in Austin, TX.

Student Testimonials

What our dancers say

I love dancing at Born 2 Perform. Hip Hop is one of my favorite dance styles. I have increased my flexibility and strength while dancing on the Jewels Performance Team. I have to work really hard, but I really love it. I love all of the teachers here and I’m so happy to be a member of this studio.

Jillian Ridley
Hip hop

Kai is an amazing Dorthy! What a creative rendition of this classic tail.

Dana Bozeman
Spring Musical : The Biz

Very nice studio, Jackie is a phenomenal instructor!

Cole Sanders-Osborne
Dance Party

I LOVE this place! It’s like my 2nd home! 🙂 We are happy Born 2 Perform is a part of our family!

Jackie Banks
Pearland′s Premier Dance Destination